Traditional kitchens

Chic aesthetic, clean lines and classical, balanced proportions, this versatile design is characteristic of Nobilia classic kitchens. They seamlessly integrate into any home and serves as the best place to meet our family of friends for generations.

Whether it is made of wood, glass or lacquered fronts, the modern Nobilia kitchen is beautiful due to its design, superb accessories and outstanding quality equipment. Combining various materials means that your  modern kitchen truly will be one of a kind.

Why is the kitchen perhaps the most important room in our flats or houses?

It is said that the kitchen is the heart of the house. Culina 3D  fully agrees with this statement. It is the kitchen space where all householders meet. Common meals preparation and dining are the activities that bring people together. What is more, nowadays it is often the kitchen table around which we sit with our guests for dinner. Sometimes, during the family gatherings, few generations sit at a table in the kitchen therefore we can poetically say that the kitchen is the witness to history. So, if the kitchen is such an important place and you are considering its redesign or any other change, we recommend visiting our studios where our expert designers will guide you through the array of choices and options available, and will make practical suggestions about how to best utilise your space. Once you are completely satisfied  with the design and functionality, the plans will be submitted to our factory where the kitchen will be made to order.
Now we will provide you with some more tips. If you dream about a modern kitchen but in a classic design, we suggest you choose a traditional kitchen.

Traditional kitchens and their characteristics

Traditional kitchens for years have been winning the hearts and minds of many people. We associate them with traditional kitchen furniture of our family houses on the one hand and with functionality on the other. Still we can use contemporary solutions in classic design kitchens.

Classic kitchens are defined by some key features: they are elegant, often have in-framed doors, soft lines and calm colours. You often can see glazed cupboards for displaying china and glassware. In classic kitchens you can use any material; an experienced designer will combine them in a way that will give spectacular effect. Choose your classic kitchen from culina3d.pl catalogue and  if you have any questions or would like to discuss the project with one of our design experts please request an appointment.

Why Culina 3D?

There are many reasons why we recommend choosing Culina 3D. The first one is the outstanding quality of our products. We manufacture our furniture in top German factories which maintain the highest production standards. Another reason is the fact that Culina 3D is  an innovative and specialist company which manufactures made to measure kitchen furniture so you can be certain that your furniture is tailored according to your needs. What is more, we arrange your kitchen in a comprehensive way. This means that we accompany you during the whole process, starting from listening to your needs, making measurements in your flat or house and finishing with your kitchen furniture installation. Also, Culina 3D  gives you the opportunity to use VR technology. When you put on special binoculars you will see  your kitchen design in 3D. Yet, there is another reason why our customers chose us: we offer household appliances in very reasonable prices. You can save lot of your precious time and money this way. Last but not least,  our outstanding service. We proudly boast the highest standard customer service as only the best design experts try to help you.  We want you to feel comfortable with our designers and perhaps this is the reason why our customers come back to our studios and recommend our services to family and friends.

We do hope that the above mentioned reasons will encourage you to contact us and learn more about our offer. Perhaps it is you who will soon join the enlarging group of satisfied customers.