Made to measure kitchen furniture

Kitchen is one of those places in our flats and houses where furniture works as a functional element in interior design. This functionality of kitchen furniture is of crucial importance. Only think how pleasant and comfortable the food preparation process can be in a place where everything is at hand and in place? No matter whether you dream about a made to measure modern or a classic kitchen,  our furniture offered  at Culina 3D studios always keep the highest quality standards.

We manufacture our made to measure kitchen furniture in the state-of-the-art furniture factories in Europe. During the production process, we use only carefully selected materials and premium components, always ensuring environmental protection processes. We do everything we can to minimise our impact on the environment. Culina 3D is also a partner of the German company Nobilia which, for decades, has been the leader on the kitchen manufacturers’ market. Nobilia produces premium quality kitchens always implementing innovations, using unique decors and wide range of arrangement possibilities.

Being passionate about kitchen space arrangements and designing, we are aware of the fact that the kitchen space is increasingly important as far as our flats and houses are concerned. Still, we are certain that our made to measure kitchen furniture will satisfy needs and expectations of even the most demanding users.

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When you design a kitchen, many elements decide whether the final effect is satisfactory. One of such elements is learning about the customer’s needs as to the kitchen style but also as to its functionality. Hence, we suggest doing the quick quiz which will help you to systematize various issues regarding the kitchen project and will allow us to find out more about your preferences.

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Our studios

Our story began in Bydgoszcz, where we opened our first Culina 3D studio which, as the only studio in the city, offers Nobilia furniture made to measure by the greatest  and most innovative manufacturer of kitchen furniture in Europe. As the studio has been a great success, in October 2019 we decided to open another studio in Poznań. Once again, you appreciated the guaranteed quality of our furniture construction which gives our kitchens exceptional durability. In all our studios, you will meet highly experienced designers, full of passion for their work and always eager to help you. They have gained their knowledge and experience for years  and constantly develop their skills.  From conception to completion, your project is managed by your personal designer, giving you the comfort and experience of a consistent point of contact throughout your kitchen renovation.


If you like what you’ve seen on our website, the next step in the process is to discuss your kitchen project with one of our designers. This can be done by telephone, mail, contact form, or by visiting one of our Culina 3D showrooms!

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Your kitchen in 3D

You often wonder and asks us whether your kitchen installed at home is as spectacular as the one you see in the project. We do our best and work on solutions which will help you to dispel any doubts. For example, we use VR technology which gives you the possibility of seeing your kitchen in binoculars or on your mobiles or tablets in virtual 3D reality before it is installed at home. Visit us in one of our four studios in Poznań or Bydgoszcz where you can take a tour in 3D kitchen space. You can also download our application on your smartphone or tablet to share your dream project with you family or friends at home.

Visit our studios in Poznań and Bydgoszcz where we will first analyse your needs and demands and then we will present you a project of your dream kitchen. We do our best to present our design work outcome in the most realistic way, using VR binoculars. We provide the service free of charge.

Made to measure kitchens

We offer German kitchen furniture which enable us to create the interior that perfectly matches your expectations and is in line with your characters. The great choice of patterns and solutions, as well as the highest quality of furniture allows us to design different styles of kitchens, from a traditional one to a modern kitchen, both in a tiny and spacious rooms. Our experience combined with regularly updated knowledge, highest quality of Nobilia furniture and detailed conversations with our customers is the best receipe to create your dream interior. When designing furniture for you, we remember about all the details including your height, whether you are left- or right-handed and many others.

Kitchen accessories

In our studios, you will find all equipment which simplifies our kitchen activities and allows us to use the space in a more ergonomic way, starting from cutlery trays, through non-slip drawer liners, kitchen waste and recycling bins, to electric sockets or built-in scales. Kitchens nowadays serve also as storage rooms therefore it is extremely important to use the space optimally when designing the kitchen so that working and relaxing there becomes a real pleasure.

High tech equipment

In order to make the kitchen complete and its furniture highly functional, it needs high tech equipment which perfectly matches our needs. We try to refute the theory that the fridge must always be the highest one and the hotplate four burner. In our studios you can choose any equipment you want as we offer all brands available on the market. If you decide to purchase made to measure kitchen furniture together with household appliance, you will receive a great DISCOUNT on the equipment.  Depending on the kitchen furniture size and type of equipment, the discount may be as high as 50%! We deliver and install for free all equipment purchased in our stores.

German quality

German furniture Nobilia which you can find in our stores have been manufactured for over 70 years. The furniture is known all over the world for its high quality. Customers in Paris, London, Berlin, New York and many other places already know that! We guarantee the best quality of our furniture mainly thanks to the production process performed in our factories which are equipped with state of the art machinery operated by top engineers. Nobili is proud to present numerous certificates confirming the best quality of its products.

DIN ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Certificate   | DIN 14001:2009 Environmental Management Certificate

Test seals for passed safety tests ISO Seal GS | „Golden M” with DGM  (Deutsche Gütegemeinschaft Möbel)

During the process of planning, designing and installing a new kitchen, many questions and issues to consider occur. Customers often wonder which colours they should choose, they look for modern solutions, consider bespoke furniture, appropriate handleless fronts, materials, technologies and accessories.  Culina 3D wants to accompany you during the whole process, starting from listening to your needs and finishing with your kitchen furniture installation. It is our goal to simplify the any decision-making process and make your dream kitchen design process as pleasant as possible. Therefore, we created Culina 3D Inspirations   – our blog where we post details about some of the current kitchen designs, new products and showrooms, and lots of useful tips and advice from our designers for the kitchen and beyond. We discuss the popular issue of little kitchens in flats, compare traditional and modern kitchens, black and white furniture, latest solutions, lighting and even culinary recipes. When one feels inspired, one can create great things! Please browse through the articles, or use the subject menu view articles from a specific section.

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